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A collection of fanart made by other people of my stuff. I can't believe there's enough to make a whole collection! XD Thanks for all the love, guys!! :hug:

PLZ Icons:
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Thinking about starting a Patreon for comic updates. Would you support me? 

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So you wanna be a big rock superstar?
Sat Aug 27, 2011, 12:59 PM
that'ssss a nice shoutbox you've got there... would be a sssshame if anything happened to it...
Tue Jul 26, 2011, 12:34 PM
HEY Gaara Arai and Kiba request your presence at NV XD
Sun Jun 5, 2011, 8:47 PM
Fri Oct 29, 2010, 12:51 PM
Naruto has been too busy with his sights set on training and saving Sasuke one last time to talk to Hinata. Still Kishi is disappointing his fans by neglecting this and Kurenai's pregnancy!
Thu Oct 28, 2010, 7:32 PM
Fri Sep 17, 2010, 3:38 PM
wow this box is dead lol
Mon May 17, 2010, 6:31 AM
Hey! Thanks for the shoutout in your latest jounal. Glad I could help!
Sun Feb 28, 2010, 8:48 PM
Fri Feb 26, 2010, 3:30 PM
just poppin in to say hey
Fri Feb 26, 2010, 3:29 PM
He's too stupid because he fail for loser Sakura.
Sat Jan 16, 2010, 6:55 PM
did naruto even talk to hinata after she saved him??
Fri Oct 30, 2009, 5:52 PM
Mon Aug 31, 2009, 5:17 PM
Adios! in spanish that means--- Good Bye!!!
Wed Jul 22, 2009, 6:18 PM
Thu Jul 16, 2009, 4:41 PM
Fri Jun 26, 2009, 6:59 AM
@FunFunTime: He will, eventually! :D | @MetalGirly: So do I! But we have to give Kishi some time. He takes longer to do romance because it's hard for him! (he said it himself)
Mon Jun 22, 2009, 10:29 PM
I want to see naruto and hinata talking to each other xD
Fri May 29, 2009, 12:56 PM
*sighs* kishimoto-sama has art block!
Fri May 29, 2009, 12:50 PM
Boo! (as in scary sound)
Sun Apr 5, 2009, 1:34 PM

Commission Shop 2.0

Journal Entry: Sun Dec 7, 2014, 4:47 PM

Hey guys! Sorry I'm so disorganized, but I just realized how incredibly confusing my last journal could be for some of you...sorry about that! So, even if I don't have the pictures just yet, I'm going to go ahead and make a nice, clear, and organized new Commission Shop journal for you! I will then go back and edit the previous journal so it's only about the Commissions for December. Again, I'm really sorry about the super confusing info I sent your way a couple of days ago. I'm making this journal now to fix that, so please check it out!


Here are some quick page links to different parts of this journal:
Commission Types
Commission Quality Levels
Commission Styles
Commission Form Template
Additional Info

:bulletred:Disclaimer!:bulletred: While these prices are as accurate as possible, each commission is different, and therefore some are bound to vary a little. I will ALWAYS do my best to be completely fair in what I charge, I promise. Also, please note that these are the REGULAR prices for commissions, not the sale prices. That being said:

This may not seem like much, but it can be the difference between line art and full color goodness.

What's a commission boost? These are rewards you can earn that can be anything from a free Quality upgrade for your commission, free additional characters, and/or a free background, to even the occasional free additional commission, plus much more!

:note: This is the journal that will eventually contain picture samples of each kind of commission. Hopefully it won't take more than a few days to get those put together. I apologize in advance for the wall of text. :note:

Buy My Prints Please  :work: :heart: :deviation: :gallery:

Painter Jake's Commission ShopPainter 

(Starting from cheapest to most expensive)

[Commission Types]

Logo Commissions

-A professionally designed logo of your very own, for use in books, comics, websites, or anything else that needs your brand's seal. Distributed with a transparent background (PNG format) so it can easily be placed on any document.
-$10-15 depending on detail


-A drawing of a character using the very simplified, very cute Japanese style, called chibi. This style gives the character an over-sized head and a very minimalistic body to maximize the cute effect. Excellent for use in journals or website advertising to attract viewer attention. Also a nice, cheap option for bigger groups of characters. Distributed with a transparent background (PNG format) so it can easily be placed on any document, unless otherwise specified.
-$15 (All Chibis will automatically be colored unless
otherwise specified)
-$10 per additional character

-$10 to add a background

Pixel Art (Chibi/Semi-Chibi/Sprite only)

-Ever wonder how your character would look as a video game sprite, like those used in Pokemon (up to Gen 3), The Legend of Zelda, or other old school favorites? Perhaps you just like that distinct, simplistic pixel look? I am now offering these types of commissions as well! Available in video game Sprite style, Chibi style, or a more realistic Semi-Chibi style. Distributed with a transparent background (PNG format) so it can easily be used as an icon or placed on any document.
-$15 for Sprite, $20 for Chibi/Semi-Chibi
-$10 per additional character


-A picture of a single or multiple characters from the SHOULDERS UP ONLY. Great for portraits and expressions.
-$15-40 (From Sketch to Full Masterpiece Color*)
-$10 per additional character, no matter the level of quality*
-FREE Backgrounds for this level (fee may still be added if background is overly complicated, but generally it's free)


-Generally less expensive than humanoid characters, but can also be more expensive than humanoid characters depending on the complexity of the creature. Pokemon all fall into this category, as well as any other non-humanoid mythical beast. Can be drawn as fullbody, midbody, or bust for the same price.
-$20-50 (From Sketch to Full Masterpiece Color*)
-$15 per additional creature, no matter the level of quality*
-$10-15 to add background at any level


-A picture of a single or multiple characters from the WAIST UP. Can include more of the legs, but NO FEET. Good for group shots and specific story scenes. Most common perspective used.
-$20-55 (From Sketch to Full Masterpiece Color*)
-$15 per additional character, no matter the level of quality*
-$10-15 to add background at any level


-A new category! This option entails a commission specifically directed to help you design any props or weapons for your characters. This is a bundle pack that includes up to 3 views of your weapon/prop, including a 'size reference' to compare the item's size to the size of your character, a full color palette for the weapon/prop for easy color reference, as well as any closer, detailed views of specific areas of the weapon/prop (up to 3 for free).
-$30 (Flat rate, including everything listed above. This type of commission is ALWAYS done in FLAT COLORS)
-$3 for any additional detail shots past the original 3 available.


-A picture of a single or multiple characters from HEAD TO TOE. Great for character references and pictures with a lot of characters in a large scene.
-$30-60 (From Sketch to Full Masterpiece Color*)
-$20 per additional character, no matter the level of quality*
-$15-20 to add background at any level

Character Sheet

-The ultimate character design reference! This commission includes a bundle of drawings and optional text details (for a small fee) to give you a full, useable reference for your character! Drawings included: Fullbody shots of both the front and back views (side view can be added for a small fee), as well as 3-4 expressions of your choice, a full color palette for easy color reference, and any other detail shots you deem as necessary (first two are free!)

-$70 (Character sheets are always done with FLAT COLORS, unless otherwise specified. Most changes to this will not affect your price
-$10 to add text details to the reference. This does not include Character Name and Age, as those come free already.
-$2 for any additional detail/expression shots not already included.

Comic Pages

-At last! An option to request your very own comics, created by yours truly. I charge by the page, so the actual price of this commission type depends entirely on how long of a comic you'd like! Distributed with full credits to you for the concept, as well as high resolution and untrimmed downloads that are watermark-free, exclusively available to you for your own use whether it be for print or web.
-$20/40 per page (Inked/Colored**)
-$25 for a smaller, 4-coma style comic strip, no matter the level of quality*

Written Stories

-Prefer your stories written, rather than in comic format? Now I've got that too! I charge by the chapter, so the price of this commission will vary depending on how many chapters you'd like me to do (a chapter is generally between 6-12 pages. Price may increase for longer chapters). Distributed directly to you, this is the only type of commission that will NOT be posted on Deviantart by default. You can, of course, request that it be posted on DA, but to protect your story idea and copyright, I won't post it anywhere online unless you ask for it. I send you the original RTF file, which you can then edit as you please. I only request that I receive a small credit wherever the chapter is used, though you are free to assume most of the credit, of course.

-$50 flat rate per chapter

**Comic page commissions come as either "Inked" or "Colored" pages. Inked pages take on the "Inked and Toned" Quality style, as defined below. Colored Pages are generally done in the "Gradient Cel" Coloring style, though this can vary a little. An additional fee of $10 will be charged for each page done in "Masterpiece" style color.

*Quality is a separate aspect of commissions, and relates to whether a commission is Sketched, Inked, or Colored. Full details on the different Quality levels are listed as follows:

[Commission Quality Levels]

:note: This section will not list price differences, as those can be found in the section above.

Logo, Chibi, and Pixel Art

-These types of commissions all have a very specific method of creating them, so the quality is generally unable to be changed. If you are requesting one of these kinds of commissions, feel free to ask me if your details and description will merit a change in the usual price of the commission. I always strive to give you the fairest price possible, so if you feel your price is unfair for any reason, please let me know and we can discuss it.


-The lowest level of quality, but also the cheapest and quickest. A little fancier than just a quick scribble, this kind of commission has messier lines with a neutral background (usually tan or gray) filled in. I also fill in some messy 'shading' to give an indication of a light source. Perfect for concept art or those who want something that won't cost too much.

Line Art

-The next stage in the process. I take great care to go through and create clean, professional, line art with black lines. Although this option features no color whatsoever, it can provide a nice template that's ready for coloring, which is perfect if you hate doing line art or want to try a variety of color schemes without the work that's required to get it to the line art stage first.

Base Color

-A step up from Line art, this option features NO SHADING. Instead, you will have a nice clean color reference without worrying about having to color pick and hope the shading didn't alter it. This option comes with a free color palette as well, making it perfect for character references.

Inked and Toned

-This option focuses entirely on creating a finished, black and white piece. Color spotting is available for free, but generally this option means that I've taken your line art and filled in some areas with black, while using a gray tone to give the impression of shading. A great option for that "manga" look, and a cheaper way to get a finished picture than having to pay for color.

Cel-Shade Style Color

-The first of three, fully rendered and shaded, color options. This option mimics the simplistic shading style used in most "Anime" and uses large blocks, or 'cells', of color, rather than strokes, to give the impression of a lighted figure. Cheap and fast, this option is perfect for "fake screenshots" and anything else that you want to give that clean, crisp look.

Gradient Cel-Style

-A step up from Cel-shaded, this style includes some soft, gradient shades and highlights to add depth to your picture and give it a much more 'finished' look. Perfect for illustrations and prints that you don't want to appear too realistic. This is my most common method of coloring.


-Last but not least, is the highest level of quality I can offer. A bit more pricey, this level of quality is well worth it. I use every digital painting technique I know to make your piece look as good as possible, focusing on realistic lighting and shading, this option is perfect for very high-quality prints and illustrations.

[Commission Styles]

:note: A brand new feature! Since I've decided to draw my various comic series in their own unique individual styles, I don't see why you, as commissioners, wouldn't be able to choose a different style as well! CHOOSING A STYLE OPTION IS ABSOLUTELY FREE. I won't charge you more or less no matter what style you choose, so this part is all about what kind of art style you want to see your commission drawn in! Here are the six different options:

SpiritSong Style
My own original style that's a mix of western and eastern influences. This is the style most of you are probably used to seeing. Fairly detailed but also very expressive.

Lunar Crisis Style
Also called "Anime" style, this is a much more simplistic, clean choice that mimics the styles used in Japanese Anime such as K-ON!, Hyouka, Tamako Market and many other series from Kyoto Animation Studios

RingTones Style
On the other end of the scale, this style is much more detailed, and strives for a semi-realistic look with more regular proportions and subtle expressions. Very good for showing ethnic diversity.

Amber Style
Back to the other extreme, this style is all about cute simplicity, but with more of a cartoon-ish influence. Very expressive with minimal details. Additionally, Pokemon drawn in this style feature my own unique approach to drawing them.

Marvel Style
A lot like RingTones style, but with a bit more flair and rugged-ness. This style is heavily influenced by western comic art such as those produced by Marvel and DC studios. Lots of details and more expressive than realistic.

Copycat Style
This style is unique because it could mean almost anything. Essentially, you ask me to draw your commission using a style that is already established by another series. The most common application is to draw fanart of something that looks JUST like the way it was originally drawn. For example, you could use this style to have me draw your Naruto OC in such a way that it looks like Kishimoto himself drew it. Alternatively, you can also cross styles to give things a unique look, such as asking me to draw Luffy from One Piece in the style of Sailor Moon. This option requires a bit more reference, obviously, but has endless possibilities.

"Hmmmm okay! I think I know what I want for a commission now! But how do I go about commissioning you?"

I know all of this may seem complicated, so I've gone ahead and created a "Commission Form" that you can fill out when commissioning me. It's super easy and quick. You just gotta have a good idea in your mind of what you want first. Here's the form:


Contact Info:
(Your text here)

(Your text here)

(Your text here)

(Your text here)

(Your text here)

(Your text here)

(Your text here)

(Your text here)

:note:You can easily copy and paste this info into a note here on DA and fill it out just before you send it to me. You can do the same for email, Facebook, or however else you'd like to contact me:note:

Easy right?
"But what's the difference between Type, Quality, and Style? What kind of Contact Info are you looking for? How long should my description be? How many references do I need to send?"
If any of these are questions you have, then worry not, I'll explain that next.


Contact Info:
Here, I simply want to know what the best way to contact you is. Whether it's email, text, a note here on DA, or Facebook. To keep my commission process efficient, I need to be able to maintain a strong line of communication with you until it is finished; something that you will be able to see and respond to within a matter of days. Leave me links to whatever method of contact works the best for you for this purpose. If noting you on DA is the best way to do it, then just put "DA Notes" in that spot. You are, of course, free to leave as many methods as you like.

In this spot I want to know the contents of your commission in as basic a format as possible. The info needed here correlates directly to the "Commission Types" section at the beginning of this journal. To put it simply, I need to know how many characters will be drawn in this piece, whether you want them drawn from a Bust/Midbody/Fullbody perspective, and if you'd like a Background or not. If you want a Logo, Chibi, or Pixel Art Commission, then put one of those words in this spot instead of Bust/Midbody/Fullbody.

Quality refers to how 'finished' you want your commission to be. This info correlates directly to the "Commission Quality Levels" section of this journal. What I need to know is whether you want your commission to be a Sketch/Line Art/Inked and Toned/Base Color/Cel-Shade/Cel-Gradient/Masterpiece level of Quality. If you are getting a Logo/Chibi/Pixel art commission, then put one of those words here instead.

This is the brand new feature I'm introducing, in which you get to choose the art style that you want your commission to be drawn in. Check out the "Commission Styles" section of this journal for more info. Simply put which art style you'd like here in this section. If you can't decide or don't want to decide, you can also put "Dealer's Choice" in this spot and I will choose the style that I deem as best-suited for your commission.

This is where you tell me, in your own words, exactly what you want in your commission. Share your vision with me, and use as many words as necessary to help me understand what you want. It's okay if you ramble here, in fact, I welcome it. It's much more important for you to help me see what you see than for you to be concise.

Here is where you'll put links to the references I will need to use for your commission. You can put as many links as you'd like here, so long as you feel they're necessary. However, please include a caption under each link to tell me what each link is a reference for. For instance, if you send me a reference pic of a pirate, but all you want me to use it for is the specific shade of red that the pirate's bandana is, then you need to let me know that info by typing something like "Bandana color reference" under the link.

Additionally, if you do not have picture references, then a detailed description will work just as well!

You can be as specific as you'd like, but essentially, I need to know what size to make your commission. If you don't have specific dimensions, then a brief description of what you want to use your commission for will suffice. This will also help me know what kinds of files you're going to want once it's completed.

And last, but not least, this section is for any other questions or concerns that you may have for me. I'm always open to hearing your questions/concerns, but I can't do anything if you don't tell me, so don't be shy!

"I've had problems in the past with artists who give me little to no contact about my commission, and seem to take forever to get around to doing it. You seem to have a similar history, so why should I commission you now? How will things be different?"

I've completely and entirely revamped the way that I handle my commissions! Here are a few major changes:

:bulletorange: My commissions are now accepted on a monthly basis. This means that any that are accepted for a certain month, like December for example, will be FINISHED by the end of that month! If, for any reason I am unable to finish your commission during the month that I accepted it, then I will send you a note at the end of the month with an apology and a list of options available to you now. Those options include a full refund, or, if you don't mind waiting a little longer, I can move your commission onto next month's list, giving it a higher priority than any commissions that follow it. Which means at the very latest I will get your commission to you at the end of the second month after you requested it. If I cannot get it to you by then for some reason, then I will give you a full refund, and we can discuss our options at that point.

:bulletorange: I no longer ask for payment until I have completed a sketch of your commission, and gained your approval on this sketch. I found out recently that it's much easier on my part to complete a project when I have the sketch for it done, rather than starting from scratch. Because of this, and because I want you to be as informed as possible while reducing the risk on both of our parts, I've changed the process of completing commissions. First, once we have settled on what you want, I will make a sketch of your commission to be submitted for your approval (for Sketch commissions, this initial drawing will not have any details past the base poses for the characters). I will not make you pay for your commission, nor will I continue working on it, until you are satisfied with that sketch. Once the sketch gains your approval (and you are free to make as many editing suggestions as you'd like), then and only then will I ask for payment.

:bulletorange: I will not continue working on a commission past the sketch stage until I've received both your approval and your payment. This is a little added protection for myself. I've already had several commissioners who failed to pay me for commissions I had already completed for them. I understand that you don't want to pay for something without an assurance that it's what you want, but I also don't want to spend my time making art that I should be getting paid for, only to not get paid for it. So I think this new process will protect both of us as much as possible.

:bulletorange: You are free to ask for a WIP screenshot of your commission at any time AFTER I have received payment. I will also be constantly updating my "Ultimate To-Do List" Journal and making Twitter posts to the feed on my home page, all so you can keep track of your commission's progress. You can also continue to express questions or request changes to any WIP that you see. The reason you must wait until after I receive my payment, is because I cannot continue working on it until then anyway, so before that point all you would get is a sketch, which is what you saw before during the approval stage.

"That puts my mind at ease a bit, thanks. But what can I expect when my commission is finished? How do you handle posting it? What exactly am I paying for here?"

Here is the process of what happens once I have finished your commission:

:bulletblue: Unless you have otherwise specified beforehand, I will post a watermarked, web-resolution, version of your commission here on DA. This is mainly to gain further exposure for my art, and for my commissions specifically. If people like what I drew for you, then chances are they will want something similar. If you don't want your commission posted to DA, even with a watermark, that's perfectly fine. Just make sure to let me know before I reach completion on it. You are also free to request that I don't put a watermark on the DA version.

:bulletblue: I will send you a note or other communication informing you that your commission is complete, along with a STASH link to the full-resolution, un-watermarked version that you are free to download at your leisure. I will also be sending you a STASH link to the sketch version earlier on, for approval. I use STASH because then you can download it whenever you're ready, and I don't have to worry about corrupting the original file in the process of sending it to you. Plus it's completely private, as only someone with the link can view the STASH upload.

:bulletblue: If your commission is a bigger project, like a character sheet or comic page, you are free to request the PSD file of your commission along with everything else. Essentially, what kinds of files you want from me of your commission are entirely up to you. I do not charge extra for size or resolution, and I don't charge extra for more files. If you want a JPG of each stage of your commission's process? That's fine. If you want the full PSD of your commission? Sure thing. If you want a pack of several different resolution versions of your commission? (If you wanted it to be a desktop wallpaper with multiple sizes, for example) No problem. I want you to be completely satisfied with what you paid for, and to me, it only makes sense that you want something more than just a picture on DA that you can say you paid for. That's nothing more than a request. You paid real money for this picture, and I want you to have exclusive access to it in its entirety, and be able to use it for what you intended to use it for.

:bulletblue: You retain exclusive rights to the commission property. There are certain things, like comic pages and written chapters, where I would like a small amount of recognition. But generally speaking, I understand that you're trading money for art. You aren't asking me to let you have a say in what I spend your money on, so I can't very well control what you do with your commission either. That's just being fair. I do reserve the right to put my little logo somewhere on your commission, but other than that, it's yours to do with whatever you'd like. If you use it to make a million dollars, good on you. I just hope you use some of that million dollars to remember who made the commission that got you that money, and that you'll come back and commission me for more! All I care about is making your experience as good as possible, and ensuring you are completely satisfied. Beyond that, you're giving me some of your hard-earned money! How can I ask for more than that?

:w00t!: Well! That just about does it, I think! :highfive:

If there's anything I didn't cover, or you have ANY questions or concerns, again, please don't be afraid to comment and/or note me about it! I'll respond asap, promise!

Now I just want to end this huge journal by saying that I'm deeply appreciative of all the support you all have given me over the years. I know it's been a rough journey, what with commissions that take years to finish, comics that were started, then left in the dust, or updated at a dismal frequency, and basically me failing to meet just about every goal I make. But, I'm confident that things are different now, and that they will be much better in the near-future.

So thank you for your patience, and hopefully soon, as we start the year of 2015, I'll be able to really give you guys 100% Reason to Remember My Name. I've got lots of surprises and big things in the making, but you'll see all of those soon enough!

Thank you, friends.

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